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Metascientist, Musician, Philosopher, Poet, Practitioner of Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy, audio and video producer, broadcaster/host of the series INNERVIEWS and The Exploration of Consciousness (TEC). Currently serving as President of the University of Science and Philosophy, formerly the Walter Russell Foundation since Jan 1st, 2016. Volunteer firefighter on Montauk Rural Fire Department in Dent County, Missouri and Rockfish Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Nelson County, VA.

The goal of the University of Science and Philosophy is the building of character in mankind worldwide, the dissemination of the Russell teachings, and the uplift of civilization through the natural unfoldment of an individual’s innate talents and character. Dr. Walter and Lao Russell’s teachings give to mankind, a scientific and “living” philosophic understanding of man himself, the mind of man, the soul of man and his relationship to the “Universal One,” respectfully, the Creator. The unfoldment of the “coming sense” or new faculty, commonly referred to as “cosmic consciousness,” stands before mankind in this dawning electric age. It is ours for the asking.

The purpose of man is to manifest his Divinity.